Monument to Computer Pioneers


Project: Monument celebrating the achievements of UK Computer Pioneers.


Details: 10 metre tall Stainless steel Circular Post and Holding-down Bolt Assembly.

The challenge: The original order was to supply the fabricated post and a base assembly which was to be cast-in.


The post was designed to support three sculptured granite "fins". Each fin came in three parts.  Because of the different rates of expansion between the steel and the granite, the designers needed sliding support brackets that were permanantly fixed but moved with the granite. It became apparant that the designed brackets and fixings would not work.


B.I.G. were asked to design an alternative. The difficult part was producing a bracket that was curved, therefore following the circumference of the post. We produced a prototype, two part bracket assembly which would be fixed to the post using Lindapter Hollobolts. The structural  engineers were presented with the prototype. They did their calculations and passed the brackets "fit for purpose".


This was a particularly satisfying project because it really got the "old grey matter working" and the monument now stands in Kesgrave for all to see.